World Seed Congress - Kraków 27-29.05.2015. - 1600 delegates

As a President of the Organising Committee of the World Seed Congress, which took place in May 27th-29th, 2015 in Krakow, for over 1600 participants from 62 countries, I want to confirm that Symposium Cracoviense, with full professionalism and high quality and honesty, provided preparation and realisation of the congress (...) According to the opinion of a few hundred participants, which answered our satisfaction survey, it was one of the best, if not the best, congress in their several dozen years' history of organisation.

dr Karol Marciniak - President of the Polish Chamber of Seed

41. Congress of the Polish Medical Society of Radiology - 2-4.06.2016. Kraków, 1900 delegates

Logistic organisation of this most important and biggest event in Polish radiological circle we have entrusted to Symposium Cracoviense. The company has ensued perfectly from the entrusted task and the congress has attained enthusiastic reviews. What is also important, foreign guests have rated very high its organisational standard and amongst them there were presidents of European Society of Radiology and Radiological Society of North America - two most important radiological societies in the world.

Prof. Andrzej Urbanik - Head of the Department of Radiology, Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum, President of the Polish Medical Society of Radiology

III Congress of International Researchers of Polish History - 11-14.10.2017 - Kraków

As an Organiser of the III Congress of International Researchers of Polish History. which took place in Krakow on October 11-14, 2017, I wish to recommend Symposium Cracoviense as a fully professional and reliable partner in organising conferences. (...) Thanks to endeavours of Symposium Cracoviense the Congress became a tremendous success, what was revealed in acknowledgements from participants. With full responsibility I affirm that all entrusted tasks were accomplished with the highest diligence and attentiveness for details and wish to recommend the services of Symposium Cracoviense to other organisators of similar events.

Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Zamorski - President of Kraków Department of Polish Historical Society

31. Congress of the Polish Dermatological Society - 11-14.05.2016 - Wrocław - 1500 delegates

10 Spring Symposium  of European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology - 23-25.05.2013. Kraków - 1800 delegates

With great pleasure I grant full recommendation to Symposium Cracoviense, with which Polish Dermatological Society and Department of Dermatology, Venerology and Allergology of Wroclaw Medical University have been cooperating for years. With Symposium Cracoviense, we have organised two national PDS congresses and 10th EADV Symposium. Symposium Cracoviense is a professional company with a fully qualified team. The organisation of mentioned events proceeded in kind and friendly atmosphere. Artistic and sublime taste of organisers, reliability of organisation and full financial transparency deserve special attention.

Prof. Jacek Szepietowski - Head of Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology, Wroclaw Medical University

66th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) - 31.08.-4.09.2015. Warsaw - 1200 delegates

As a President of Organising Committee of 66th Annual Meeting of EAAP, which took place from August 31st to September 4th, 2015 on premises of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, I wish to confirm that Symposium Cracoviense has assured preparation and realisation of the meeting with full professionalism and reliability. Organiser of the event was Polish Society of Animal Production. The meeting attended almost 1200 participants from 60 countries (...) With full responsibility I can recommend services of Symposium Cracoviense to organisers of similar events. Organisation of such an enormous congress requires professional service, which the company has fully provided.

Prof Roman Niżnikowski - President of the Polish Society of Animal Production

21st World  Simmental - Fleckvieh Congress - 24-27.08.2016 Rzeszów, Arłamów - 300 delegates

As an organiser of 21st World Simmental-Fleckvieh Congress, international congress, which took place in Rzeszów and Arłamów in August 24th-27th, 2016, I wish to recommend Symposium Cracoviense as a fully professional and reliable partner in an organisation of the conference (...) Thanks to efforts of Symposium Cracoviense, the congress has become a great success internationally, what was revealed in many congratulatory letters received from members of the federation. The success of the congress has increased prestige and consolidated position of Polish Federation in international structures.

Edgar Beneš - President of the Polish Simmental Cattle Breeders Association

V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X Sympozjum "Postępy w immunosupresji w przeszczepianiu narządów unaczynionych" Kraków, December 2006 - 2016, 300-500 delegates

Symposium Cracoviense has professionally provided financial and organisational support to the congresses. With proper clearness, has realised the symposiums' programme along with attractive meetings after proceedings. Participants have been expressing contentment with handling of their accommodation, as well as efficient registration activities and issue of financial documents. Interesting graphical fitting of congress' materials and artistic setting of the proceedings and accompanying events has been handled well.

Prof. Magdalena Durlik - President of the Scientific and Organising Committee

ICAR 2015 Technical Workshop, 10-12.06.2015, Kraków, 400 delegates

As an organiser of ICAR 2015 Technical Workshop I wish to recommend Symposium Cracoviense as a fully professional and reliable partner in organisation of the conference. Symposium Cracoviense was tasked with creating a website of the event, preparing audiovisual setting, printing congress' materials, registering participants, providing financial support, coordinating programme and budget, organising reception of the event, reserving and arranging meeting rooms and organising displays, accommodation, technical excursions, social events, transportation, catering services and simultaneous translations. With full responsibility I can confirm accomplishment of the tasks with highest diligence and attentiveness to details and recommend Symposium Cracoviense to other organisers of similar events.

Ewa Kłębukowska - Director, Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers

7th Forum Acusticum, 7-12.09.2014, Kraków, 750 delegates

I wish to confirm that Symposium Cracoviense with full professionalism and high quality and diligence has assured a preparation and realisation of the conference. The company has provided services including: registration of participants and exhibitors, financial support, reservation of accommodation and excursions, reservation and arrangement of meeting rooms, organisation of social events, organisation of reception of the conference, assurance of catering services, transport of participants and logistic and graphical setting. We express gratitude towards Symposium Cracoviense for cooperation and recommend their services in the range of organisation of academic conferences.

Prof. Jerzy Wiciak - President of the Organising Committee

40. Congress of the Polish Medical Society of Radiology, 6-8.06.2013, Wrocław, 1500 delegates

On behalf of Organising Committee of 40th Congress of PMSR, I wish to  thank Symposium Cracoviense for excellent organisation of the meeting. In common opinion, the meeting stood at the highest european level and set new standards for next events of this type. Your professionalism and commitment in organising the meeting were crucial factors in this opinion. I hope I will have a chance to cooperate with Symposium Cracoviense in other events.

Prof. Marek Sąsiadek, President of th 40. Congress of PMSR, President of the Polish Medical Society of Radiology

European Society of Paediatric Nephrology Annual Scientific Meeting, 6-8.09.2012, Kraków, 600 delegates

Opinions of participants of the conference, which took place in September, 2012, were unambiguous: best ever! Excellent organisation, exquisite catering, attentiveness to every detail of meetings, kind service, professionally prepared informational materials, arrangement of stage, decorations, interesting social agenda. Symposium Cracoviense fully draws on riches of Kraków and shares these with participants of every meeting. Matter not meaningless, since the majority of scientists wants to come back here and be surprised by something new. In order this to happen, the organiser must be one of the best. In my opinion, Symposium Cracoviense is an example of professionally and diligently solving tough problems and facing challenges people. My cooperation with Symposium Cracoviense and shared achievements I consider as a honour.

Prof. Jacek Antoni Pietrzyk, Head of the Department of Nephrology & Dialysis Department, Pediatrics Department, Jagiellonian University, Collegium Medicum

26th European Conference on Solid-State Transducers EUROSENSORS 2012, 9-12.09.2012, Kraków, 500 delegates

Symposium Cracoviense with great professionalism, quality and reliability has ensured financial and organisational service for the conference. The range of services provided by the company included preparation and control of the budget,registration and financial service of participants,accommodation, organisation of a reception for participants, reservation and arrangement of conference rooms, organisation of social events, including ceremonial gala in Wieliczka Salt Mine, development and realisation of conference's graphical setting, catering, transportation of guests for the gala and organisation of additional events and exhibition stands. All those services has been executed with highest diligence with exemplary cooperation with organisers of Eurosensors 2012. We express our acknowledgements toward Symposium Cracoviense for their cooperation and recommend their services in range of organisation of scientific conferences.

Prof. Jan A. Dziuban - Conference Chair

Dr Rafał Walczak - Conference Organizing Committee Chair   

Symposiums Advances in Allergy and Pneumology, November each year, Kraków, 600-1100 delegates

The organisational success of Symposiums Advances in Allergy and Pneumology, which happen every year, consists of work of many minds, dozens of hardworking hands, generosity of sponsors, selection of most interesting scientific problems in alergology and pneumonology, participation of brilliant specialists, organisation of unique social events, glamour of the city, existing tradition of those symposiums and warm atmosphere among participants of this medical event. Organisation of last four symposiums I have entrusted to Symposium Cracoviense and I ascertain with recognition that expectations, requirements and wishes of Scientific-Organising Committee and mine, president and founder of the symposiums, have been fully met. Number of participants increase every year and has reached over one thousand. With so many people to register, accommodate, transport, cater, treat to and simultaneously assure efficient reception and professional service, Symposium Cracoviense manages perfectly (...) With full accountability, I express and sign this recommendation for Symposium Cracoviense and recommend them to organisers of big, national and international, scientific and social events.

Prof. Ryszard Kurzawa

XVIIth Congress Association Internationale de Bibliophilie, September  2011, Kraków - Warsaw, 150 delegates

Looking back to the XXVIIth AIB Congress I feel very much obliged to reiterate my sincere gratitude and true ackoowledgement for your admirable achievement of this unforgettable event and for your genuine Polish hospitality. All of the participants returned deeply impressed back home by all the unique cultural opportunities they could enjoy, and which you have made visible and attainable. Your wonderful country is so full of treasures, fantastic heritage and warmhearted people that it will remain in our recollection forever. There remains just the desire to visit Poland again better sooner than later. It has been a great luck for AIB that your Agency with your most professional and efficient team has taken over the responsibility to organizing both the Congress and Post-Congress. Thanks to you this event run so smoothly and successfully. 

Walter Leu - Secretary

32nd UNITAB Congress, 14-16 October 2010, Kraków, 400 delegates

I wholeheartedly wish to thank Symposium Cracoviense for remarkably professional preparation and service of 32th UNITAB Congress. The conference, which took place in Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków in October 14th-16th, 2010, has gathered almost 400 delegates and invited guests (including members of European Parliament, MPs, senators and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development). On behalf of Organising Committee I express great appreciation for workmanship, conscientiousness, kindness and organisational efficiency towards every involved person in conducting our Congress.

Przemysław Noworyta - Director of the Office of the Polish Association of Tobacco Growers

16th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV16), 5-9 July 2009, Kraków, 800 delegates

As a president of 16th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV16), I wish to express gratitude towards Symposium Cracoviense for their help in organising the congress and causing it to be such a great success. I chose Sympsoium Cracoviense from many companies that presented similar field of expertise, which I asked for preparing an offer for organisational, administrative and financial service of the congress. The offer reported by Symposium Cracoviense exceeded remaining ones in versatility, as well as own costs. ICSV is organised every year in different countries. Having rich experience, International Organising Commitee admiringly observed the company’s full commitment work throughout three years time before the congress (...) Organising in future such an event, without any doubt I would like to benefit from the company’s service again.

Prof Marek Pawełczyk,  President of 16th International Congress on Sound and Vibration

XVII Conference of the European Association for International Education (EAIE)

I wish to express acknowledgement to Your employees and You personally for diligence and professional approach in matters of accommodation and tourist service during 17th EAIE, which took place September 14th-17th, 2005, organised by Jagiellonian University. This difficult task - accommodating over 1400 guests, assuring local transfers and excursions for 528 persons - was realised with greatest clearness, taking into account every kind of remark and requirement. From Jagiellonian University, as well as our partners from EAIE. The conference’s accommodation has gained high appraisal from organisators and participants from all around the world. Guests have rated very high the flexibility in realising diverse demands and kind and thoughtful service. I thank you again for fruitful cooperation, which gave so excellent results.

Prof. Karol Musioł - Rector of the Jagiellonian University