Symposium Cracoviense

Symposium Cracoviense was established in 1998. Our ambitious plans to support the organization of various scientific, social, integrating and educating events on the national and international scale will certainly help us to inscribe our name in the contemporary book of scientific, cultural and sporting life in Krakow. We specialize in organizing congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars, business meetings, exhibitions and trainings. Our experience, know-how and logistic procedures guarantee success. Trust us and you will work with a team of experienced members, you will get professional equipment, interesting and stimulating arrangement of venues and other useful services like: servicing your journey, booking accommodation in Poland, renting a car, coaches, guides and couriers.

Our team

Symposium Cracoviense is formed by people you can trust and who are known for their experience and passion. Their high level of professionalism has been acknowledged many times, both by clients and participants. We believe that our knowledge concerning local conditions and the fact that we have been involved in the organization of prestigious scientific meetings are our best assets to create a competitive offer. We would like to add that we have been hired to arrange meetings with the audience ranging from 100 to 2000 participants and we are able to adjust the logistics for changing needs. It is our ambition to make each meeting unforgettable, yet fitting tradition. We do our best to combine our Latin name Symposium Cracoviense with the old saying Expertis credite making sure that actions speak louder than words.

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